Correct Care Solutions Jobs: Overview

Correct Care Solutions Jobs

Serve our patients. Support our people. Grow yourself.

Help us provide quality health care by putting patients' needs first

Correct Care Solutions is a public healthcare company serving the healthcare needs of patients a variety of care settings. We offer healthcare jobs in corrections and correctional facilities, state psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers and more. Our 11,000+ employees feel part of something bigger than themselves because of the care we provide to an often underserved population.

When you work for CCS you get to make a difference every single day.

That's because you join visionary leaders committed to improving public health. Our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jerry Boyle, spent over 15 years working to improve correctional care management. Since then, he's helped CCS grow strategically through acquisitions to ensure we can continue to lead into the future.

Correct Care Solutions has been named one of Nashville’s fastest growing companies! This growth has been fueled by the dedication of our employees and their commitment to providing high quality healthcare to our patients across the country.

Patient-centered correctional health jobs

in a safe and supportive environment

While working in a corrections or state psychiatric environment may sound intimidating, it is actually one of the safest work environments for a health care employee. Unlike an emergency room where a provider doesn't know the mental, emotional or physiological state of their patient and may be exposed to potential harm, our environments are controlled and secure. Providing care in this type of environment is rewarding and interesting work that our employees love and take pride in.

Support you can expect from CCS

Close knit, family-like environment

Layers of support at each work site

Industry leading pay and benefits

Advanced training and development

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Correct Care Solutions Jobs

Earn opportunities for advancement

both personally and professionally

CCS has grown year after year for more than a decade. This kind of growth offers a progressive work environment where you're challenged to be creative, take on more responsibility and grow a career you can be proud of.

Our leaders drive our growth

Our rapid growth means we are always looking for professionals with leadership experience. Use your focus and expertise to continually improve our organization and the quality of patient care whether you work directly at our sites or at our Home Office in Nashville, Tennessee.

CCS Management Jobs

  • Health Services Administrator (HSA)
  • Assistant HSA
  • Director of Nursing
  • Health Information Manager
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Regional Director and Manager
  • Regional Medical Director
  • Technology Manager