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Patient-centered correctional health jobs in a safe and supportive environment

Working in a corrections or psychiatric environment may sound intimidating, however it is one of the safest work environments for a health care employee. Our environments are controlled and secure, unlike an emergency room where a clinician has no knowledge of a patient's emotional or psychological states. Providing care in our patient-centered environment is rewarding and interesting work that our employees love and take pride in.

Our Culture Philosophy

From inception, Correct Care Solutions has adhered to a cultural philosophy we call 5-H


A desire for all personnel and management to learn, teach and grow in a team-supported environment.


A commitment to the highest level of personal and professional integrity with our partners. and our patients


A fundamental willingness to work harder and smarter in the interest of providing consistently better service to our partners and patients.


A mindset that ensures we never lose sight of our identity and our loyalty to those we serve and support.


A stress release valve that is essential for a positive, passionate attitude, and a superior quality of life at work.


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