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Help us treat a diverse population with dignity

A job in mental health in jails, prisons, psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities is both exciting and fulfilling. We have great job opportunities for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, counselors, social workers and other mental health professionals.

Help treat a diverse variation of cases, follow your patient outcomes, and positively impact a population that is greatly in need. The care you provide may be the only friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental interaction they encounter. The result is our patients are incredibly appreciative of your work, and you have the opportunity to make a difference every single day.

Achieve your goals with a responsive support team

We're proud to be on the forefront of mental health care in corrections and public health, and we know it wouldn't be possible without the creativity and innovation of our team. Whether you're seeking a solution to a problem or have ideas for improvement, CCS provides you with multiple layers of support to provide feedback. That way you can maximize the quality of care to your patients and achieve your professional goals.

We offer mental health professionals two great opportunities to serve our patients; through corrections and public health jobs with CCS or through Correct Care Recovery Solutions, serving state psychiatric hospitals, as well as treating forensic and civil populations. To learn more about Correct Care Recovery Solutions, click here.

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