Practitioner Jobs at Correct Care Solutions

Practice care the way you know is right

Physicians, Dentists and Psychiatrist will find a job with Correct Care Solutions both challenging and rewarding. As a Practitioner with CCS you have the opportunity to diagnose and treat with more freedom. This includes no maximum or minimum time with patients and absolutely no insurance or billing concerns. Instead, your only focus is patient care.

Many of our jobs are located in corrections facilities and our practitioners know that a career with CCS means they're going to care for patients who appreciate their efforts. Our patients are viewed as just that: patients. Their needs vary from diagnosis of the common cold to chronic illness management and more. As a practitioner you will work with a team of dedicated professionals who are focused on the needs of our patients and on supporting each other.

Earn benefits you won't find in traditional health care

As a physician, dentist, or psychiatrist with Correct Care Solutions you will enjoy flexible schedules and competitive pay. You also will have more time to enjoy practicing without the worries of practice management. We also cover malpractice insurance.

Gain guidance from experienced professionals

CCS Practitioners are guided by experienced Medical Directors from the site level up to the executive level. When they need feedback, advice or access to professional development, they can turn to these responsive levels of support.

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